Exclusive hands-on with the upcoming vampire title, Dark


Vampires don’t sparkle.  The folks at Kalipso and Realmforge Studios have built a stealth/action RPG that is set to release soon.   We got exclusive and extensive hands-on with the title and I have quite a bit to share with you.   While the code isn’t final, it does give you an in-depth taste of the game.

The first video is literally the first 20 minutes of the game.  It gives you a bit of the flavor of the game, showing off the Sanctuary level, some of the voice work (yep, that’s Doug Cockle from The Witcher fame) as well as a few of the key characters you’ll interact with over the course of the game.

This second video takes a look at the combat engine that powers the game, giving us a taste of the tutorial on stealth and killing.   It’s the tutorial level that takes place directly after the first video above.

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The third video is our first chance at a real mission.  To help prevent our eventual disintegration into a foul ghoul or worse we have to drink the blood of an ancient vampire.  We can’t find our maker so we’ve found an unwilling substitute, but he’s holed up at a nearby museum.   This is the first half of that level, showing off some of the early powers and skills.

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The game is slated to hit Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, but we’ve not gotten a release date on it quite yet.   Stay tuned as we take you through the second half off the museum level, as well as a look at some of the powers you’ll see later in the game.

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