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Alphinius Goo: how he got into D&D and his plans for the 50th anniversary—Tabletop Throwdown S1E3

Things get sticky this week as Mike Dunn and Steven Starkey chat with Head Wizard of GooeyCube, Alphinius Goo himself! We talk about how he got into D&D as a young lad, what GooeyCube brings to the table for modern players, and of course, his love-letter to the game featured in the upcoming Kickstarter ‘The Tomb of Gyzaenaxx’! Be sure to like and subscribe so that Mike’s character in his campaign survives the next session! And by all that is gooey, hit the link below and go sign up for the chance to get $200 in free stuff from GooeyCube!

This video is sponsored by The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx, the Kickstarter for a new 5E D&D Campaign from GooeyCube and GaxxWork; Embark on a mega-adventure created with Luke Gygax and other legends of the game, celebrating the legacy of Gary Gygax in a story-driven campaign. Find out more about The Tomb of Gyzaengaxx campaign here:

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Editor-in-Chief, Tabletop | [email protected]

Mike Dunn is the old man of Gaming Trend, having cut his teeth on Atari consoles and First Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in the day. His involvement with Gaming Trend dates back to 2003, and he’s done everything from design and code to writing and managing. Now he has come full circle, with a rekindled passion for tabletop gaming and a recent debut as Dungeon Master (nearly forty years after he purchased the original DMG).

Tabletop Editor | [email protected]

Steven spends his days working deep in the bowels of a government building and evenings with his wife and daughter. He spent the last quarter century working in and around the US military. His passion is tabletop games. You can catch him playing, talking, reading and writing about RPGs, wargames, board games, party games and card games. Steven is from Texas, but currently lives in Virginia.

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