Podcast Oct. 24th- Of Saints and Sinners

This week’s podcast has a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other- Mike talks about his time with the game Saints Row The Third and interviews Steve Jaros, the Lead writer for the Saint’s Row series, continuing our coverage from earlier in the week. Ron, fresh from his weekend jaunt to Anahaim, Ca fills us in on Blizzcon and the exclusive announcements and hands-on time with the new World of Warcraft expansion, the next StarCraft II installment, DOTA, and of course, Diablo III. This is an extra-special jam-packed hour-and-a-half long episode this week as we make up for our break last week. Enjoy!



Hosts: Mike Dunn & Ron Burke
Guest (interview): Steve Jaros, Writer for Saints Row The Third
Producer: Mike Dunn
Music: Strange Motorcycle

01:20 – About that break…
01:58 – What we’re playing
08:42 – Releases for this week (and last week)
19:46 – Saints Row The Third event
21:25 – Interview with Steve Jaros
35:32 – Character customization
40:50 – ‘Whored’ mode
43:50 – Awesome button and how it helps gameplay
46:48 – Weapons and weapon upgrades
51:19 – Respect (just a little bit)
53:46 – BlizzCon
57:12 – WoW Kung-Fu Panda expansion
1:04:49 – StarCraft: Heart of the Swarm
1:11:16 – WoW yearly subscribers get a treat
1:13:01 – DOTA
1:15:09 – Diablo III Collector’s Edition
1:19:03 – Diablo (looks like a lady)
1:22:20 – Auction House details
1:31:40 – Blizzcon Costume contest and other entertainment

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