Podcast Oct. 10th – Master Sword memories

Few franchises permeate the gamer culture as the beloved Legend of Zelda series by Nintendo. From the truly classic 8-bit gilded cartridge of the original, to the megahit Ocarina of Time, to the upcoming Skyward Sword, Zelda games have defined more quintessential gaming experiences than any other series, and was even voted the best game series ever by GameFAQs readers back in 2006. This week we’re joined by Zelda enthusiast and fan artist Benjamin Walton as we talk about the various entries to the series- Our favorite moments in the series, the convoluted timeline, and what we know of Skyward Sword. As a bonus we lead off with an excellent metal remix of ‘Song of Storms’ (from Ocarina of Time- original composer: Koji Kondo) by  Scott Houghton titled ‘Raining Blood’. This podcast is rated ‘T’ for ‘Tingle’.



Hosts: Mike Dunn & Ron Burke
Guest: Benjamin Walton, Legend of Zelda enthusiast and fan artist
Producer: Mike Dunn
Music: Raining Blood (Song of Storms)

01:21 – What we’re playing (Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Rage, Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin)
06:44 – Coming out this week
16:31 – Introducing Benjamin and comparing Master Swords
21:10 – Early Zelda memories
24:22 – Innovations of the series
27:53 – Zelda History
34:11 – Least favorite character (guess who?)
38:17 – Gameplay over the years- core mechanics
41:11 – Pondering Twilight Princess
49:29 – Skyward Sword

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