Podcast May 13th- The transformation of handheld gaming

Handheld gaming has come a long way since the old Game & Watch days. From Gameboy to the DS, Lynx to PSP, the ability to enjoy our favorite pastime in the palm of our hand has gone through many evolutions. Lately, however, those changes have gone in a different direction, one that appears to be moving away from handheld pioneers Nintendo and challenger Sony: smart phones.

The growth of gaming on iOS and Android has been nothing short of remarkable. As smartphones increase their adoption rate across all types of users, so too does the amount of gaming on these devices increase. Furthermore, the newest Sony and Nintendo handhelds have entered this new world with somewhat disappointing results. Today we’re going to talk about the transformation of handheld gaming and what it means to us as gamers.


Hosts: Mike Dunn & Ron Burke
Producer: Mike Dunn
Music: Aclectasis by Steroid Maximus

01:05 – Monkey knife fight
02:40 – Phones vs. dedicated hardware
14:59 – Growth of the mobile platform
22:36 – What’s wrong with the 3DS and Vita?
26:15 – “The best camera is the one that’s in front of you”
25:35 – There are no guarantees
29:44 – Gaming with the touch interface
34:32 – iOS and Android- easier to develop for?
39:50 – Quality is rising
46:50 – Are dedicated handheld platforms dying?

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