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This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Jeff and Victor save the date!  That’s Feb. 20, 2013, of course, when Sony will release some big news (presumably the Playstation 4).  Victor is a big fan of League of Legends season 3, but was disappointed he couldn’t get into the Wizardry Online beta.  The pair round out the podcast by slavering over some hints Valve head Gabe Newell dropped about the future of Steam.  Questions or comments?  Be sure to send those emails to [email protected]  If that’s too much work, send one of us a tweet at the links below!

[00:00]:    What we’ve been playing
[04:29]:     Sony’s mysterious trailer
[08:07]:    Indie Royale Bundle
[11:00]:     League of Legends begins Season 3
[13:21]:     Grand Theft Auto V delayed, given “final” date.
[15:10}:     Free to play MMO launches, the return of the Rougelike game.
[20:29]:    Junction Point closed
[21:18]:    Newell: “Apple is bigger threat to Valve than consoles.”


Podcast recorded, produced, edited, and hosted by Jeff Burke.  Special Guests: Victor Grunn. Music from Mega Man 2.  


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