Gaming Trend Podcast – Special Homeworld Edition

Atlas, our podcast wrangler, is currently packing up and moving halfway across the country, so we don’t have an official podcast for you this week. We do, however, have a special edition of our podcast, in which Jeff spends twenty minutes gushing about Jeff Ruskay’s fantastic Homeworld soundtrack. Homeworld’s taken on a rather large cult following as of late (especially with the THQ firesale that’s been going on), and we’d love for you to join us as we explore some of the best tracks Homeworld has to offer.

As always, email us at [email protected] with your questions or comments, and be sure to rate and review us on iTunes. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled podcast sometime next week.

[01:40]: Adagio for Strings
[04:15]: Kharak System
[06:05]: Great Wastelands
[07:40]: Ship Graveyard
[09:00]: Turanic Raider Battle Music
[11:00]: Imperial Battle Music
[13:00]: Swarmer Battle Music
[15:00]: Garden View
[16:05]: Garden of Kadesh



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