Gaming Trend Podcast Special Edition– PlayStation 4 event post-show

Welcome to this special edition of the Gaming Trend podcast.  This time it’s all about the new hardware from Sony.  Victor, David, and a mildly ill Jeff get together to talk about what parts of the presentation they liked, what they’re afraid of, and what got them really excited.  It’s a bit short, and you’ll still be getting your weekly podcast, so go ahead and give a listen if you missed the special event.  If you have anything to say about the PS4, the presentation, or the mysterious absence of the Last Guardian, you can leave a comment below, write us a review on iTunes, or email us at [email protected]

[00:00]:     Introductions
[00:48]:     PS4 Features
[02:22]:     Dualshock 4 controller
[03:22]:     Social Media integration and sharing
[04:53]:     Vita integration
[06:57]:     Vita and Ps4 pricing speculation
[08:38]:     Our thoughts on announced games and tech demos
[21:23]:     Our disappointments


Podcast recorded, hosted, edited, and produced by Jeff Burke.  Special Guests: David Roberts, Victor Grunn.  Music from Mega Man 2.  


Addie grew up near Detroit. After studying Cell Biology at the University of Michigan and spending a year looking into microscopes, Addie decided to volunteer--playing video games. hobbies run from gaming to music (voice, bass, guitar) to rugby. Addie is a strong supporter of indie and low-cost gaming, an area she thinks is underserved by the media.

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