Gaming Trend Podcast: Giant Robot Battle Fight!

This week on the GamingTrend Podcast Jeff Burke and Victor Grunn face off about free-to-play mech combat games. In the upcoming war Jeff has thrown in his lot with MechWarrior Online while Victor has decided to fight for Team Hawken, so each will try to convince the other to switch sides. If you prefer fantasy settings over sci-fi, Jeff also spends a few minutes talking up Baulder’s Gate: The Enhanced Edition. Both recommend the new THQ Humble Bundle and try to figure out how to splice James Bond and Solid Snake, so be sure to give the ‘cast a listen.

00:00: Introductions
01:24: Jeff’s thoughts on Baulder’s Gate: EE
06:45: Unfortunate Layoffs for Eurocom
07:35: James Bond vs. Solid Snake
09:15: THQ Humble Bundle introduction, talk about the games
15:34: Humble Bundle–Should you buy it?
17:32: We forgot about Red Faction!
20:00: Victor’s favorite games this year—Planetside 2 and Borderlands 2
21:12: Victor’s biggest disappointment—Diablo III.
27:31: Jeff’s favorite game—Spec Ops: The Line
30:31: Jeff’s least favorite game: Guns of Icarus Online
32:10: Giant Robot Battle Round 1—Hawken
38:25: Giant Robot Battle Round 2—MechWarrior Online

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