Gaming Trend Podcast 2/12/2014 — Yet another Flappy Bird missive

So, Flappy Bird was definitely a thing that happened. Atlas and David spend some time to talk about it. We also talk about the joy of Threes, the absurdity of Goat Simulator, and Sonic Boom — another thing that happened. Lots of things happened.

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[00:00] What we’re playing
[11:00] Goat Simulator?
[14:45] Titanfall beta opens on Friday
[16:45] Xbox One Headset Adapter — $25
[18:30] Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle Announced
[19:50] Sonic Boom?
[25:50] The Saga of Flappy Bird


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2.

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