Gaming Trend Podcast 1/25/2013 — Politics!

politicsWelcome to another edition of the Gaming Trend Podcast! In this episode we discuss the ramifications of the confluence of politics and video games, and how everyone loses in this situation. We also talk about the recent controversy behind Deep Silver’s decision to include a bikini-clad severed torso with the UK special edition of Dead Island: Riptide, the magical realism of Kentucky Route Zero, Guild Wars 2’s recent additions, and the recent closure of Gas Powered Games.

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[00:30]: What we’ve been playing
[7:10]: Dead Island: Riptide controversy
[13:10]: Gas Powered Games closes
[15:30]: Magical realism and Kentucky Route Zero
[22:25]: Guild Wars 2’s new additions
[25:45]: Video games and violence


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited and produced by Jeff Burke.  Guests: Victor Grunn and David Roberts. Music from Mega Man 2.


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