Gaming Trend Podcast 12-21-12—Hail to the Chief!

This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Jeff is joined by our Glorious Leader Ron Burke! Jeff and Ron spend far, far too long talking about why Jeff hates “Beyond Divinity,” Ron give his favorite games of the year (all of them), and both go through a list of the major games this year. Lastly, Jeff had a chance to talk with Howie Schwartz, of HumanDemand.com about the challenges of marketing a mobile game in the vast sea of mobile apps. Oh, and there’s special music for this episode in honor of the Blue Bomber turning 25. Give a listen, and be sure to send any feedback to [email protected]

[00:34] What we’ve been playing!
[07:52] Ron’s favorite games of the year
[12:08] Ron’s biggest disappointment this year
[18:09] Year in Review—News
[25:48] Year in Review—Games
[47:01] Interview with Howie Schwartz
[72:00] Most anticipated games of 2013


Correction: At 18:22 Jeff says “Telltale opened the gates” for Kickstarter publishing. He meant to say “Double Fine.”

Hosted, produced, and edited by Jeff Burke.  Guests: Ron Burke and Howie Schwartz.  Music is from Mega Man 2. Header image was edited by Jeff Burke from image found on Deviant Art.  Here is the link to the source image.

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