Gaming Trend Podcast 11//20//2013–Console Envy

PlayStation is here, and David and Atlas spend a while discussing Sony’s new console! Well, David discusses it while Atlas writhes with jealous rage (and laughs at David’s preposterously loud cat). We talk about the games (Knack, bad! Super Motherload, Assassin’s Creed IV, Flower, good!), the user interface, the sales numbers, and the features that did and didn’t make it to launch. If you want to make Atlas jealous with your PlayStation 4 stories, you can email it to [email protected], leave a comment below, or on iTunes!

[00:00]: What we’re playing
[03:58]: Blue light of death
[10:12]: PS4 News: Sony Sells One Million Consoles.
[15:45]: Xbox One will not have streaming at launch
[19:40]: EVE Online: Rubicon
[22:00]: PlayStation 4 Impressions


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2. 

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