Gaming Trend Podcast 11//13//2013–The Console War is Begun.

Welcome back again to the Gaming Trend Podcast! After a brief hiatus, Atlas, David, and Mike are back to talk games, game news, and of course, the PS4.  Do you think you might be interested in the newest hardware?  You might want to hear David’s rundown of the opening lineup first!  If you’ve got your own thoughts about the Great Console War II, you can email it to us at [email protected], leave a comment below, or leave comment on iTunes!

[00:00]:    What We’re Playing
[36:38]:   FTL Advanced Edition announced
[38:40]:  Company of Heroes 2 goes back to Stalingrad
[41:37]:   You Don’t Know Jack on Steam
[44:08]:  PS4 is Launching!


Podcast Produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2.  

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