Gaming Trend Podcast 10//02//2013–Mechs and Muskets

Ironclad-Tactics-3Welcome back to the Gaming Trend Podcast!  This week Atlas and Victor are joined by Zach Barth–creator of SpaceChem and Ironclad Tactics!  Our heroes talk about what they’ve been playing before moving on to the Steam Controller.  And as though you needed another reason to love him, Zach has used it!  He tells us what he things about the new Steam Controller before we talk about how awesome Ironclad Tactics is. If you have to tell us about your favorite civil-war era mechs, you can email us at [email protected] or leave us a comment on iTunes!

2:25:    Shadow Warrior oversight.
5:51:    Zach on Battlefield 3 and his valiant struggle with motion sickness.
7:20:    Steam controller talk with Zach’s hands on impressions.
12:50:  Deus Ex Universe talk.
14:17:  Everquest 2’s free level 85 character giveaway
16:55:  EVE-Online Rubicon expansion
18:27:   Ironclad Tactics talk and the history of Zachtronics.


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2.  Special thanks to Zach for appearing on our show!

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