Gaming Trend Podcast 09//26//2013–Let Sound the Drums (and guitars) of War!

Cobra_Commander_Wallpaper_by_RedStarMediaThis week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Atlas and Matt are joined by Fearless Leader to talk all about the latest news, ranging from Steam’s announcements of SteamOS and Steamboxes to the ins and outs of Rocksmith 2014.  If you’ve got a picture of your guitar you want to show off, send it to us at [email protected] and you could win a code for 20,000 HC in the Mech FPS Hawken!  If you like the show, leave a comment and rating on iTunes so more people can find it!

[00:00]:     What We’re Playing
[07:45]:     Ron talks Assassin’s Creed IV and Rocksmith 2014
[18:44]:     Reflecting on the impact of Hiroshi Yamauchi on the games industry
[27:00]:     SteamOS and Steam Machine discussion
[39:25]:     PS4 will allow HDMI game capture, but not at launch??
[42:25]:     Lone Survivor shows up on the Vita/PSN/PS3
[44:57]:     Nosgoth. Nosgoth! NOSGOOOOOTH!
[49:10]:     New PS Vita Slim coming out
[51:05]:     Musings on F2P

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Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2.  Header image derived from original work by RedStarMedia.  All works are the property of their respective owners.

Addie grew up near Detroit. After studying Cell Biology at the University of Michigan and spending a year looking into microscopes, Addie decided to volunteer--playing video games. hobbies run from gaming to music (voice, bass, guitar) to rugby. Addie is a strong supporter of indie and low-cost gaming, an area she thinks is underserved by the media.

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