Gaming Trend Podcast 08//13//2013– Neverwinter musings

This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, we discuss Microsoft’s decision to make the Kinect optional on the Xbox One, share in some misery with Nintendo as Wii U consoles sell at a loss, and marvel at the existence of a Kickstarter for a Starcraft-themed MMO. Speaking of MMOs, we’re joined this week by our special guest – from Cryptic Studios, Andy Velasquez, lead producer of Neverwinter. Listen as he hearkens back to the best and worst of its user-created content courtesy of the Foundry. Hit us up at [email protected] with any thoughts of your own, or leave a comment below!

[00:00]:     What We’re Playing
[09:10]:     The Kinect is no longer required for the Xbox One
[14:15]:     Sony says that people like them
[16:40]:     Wii U selling at a loss, and people aren’t buying anyway
[21:00]:     Starcraft MMO mod appears on Kickstarter
[24:25]:     Neverwinter discussion with lead producer Andy Velasquez


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  Music from Mega Man 2.

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