Gaming Trend Podcast 08//06//2013–BABIES!

black_baby_cryingThis week on the Gaming Trend Podcast we’re talking all about people crying.  They’re crying in Russia over Company of Heroes, they’re crying about Dragons’ Crown, and they’re crying about Anita Saarkesian. David, Matt, Victor, and Atlas solve all of their problems in this weekend’s podcast.  If you’ve got some crying that you want to get out of your system, you can contact us at [email protected], or leave a comment below.

[00:00]:  What We’re Playing
[15:14]:     Russians don’t like Company of Heroes 2
[23:21]:    Activision continues making bank.
[26:15]:   Tomb Raider 2 announced
[43:46]:     Saint’s Row 4 has trouble down under
[47:19]:     Bioshock and Bioshock–together at last.


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  Music from Mega Man 2. 

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