Gaming Trend Podcast 07//30//2012–Wheaton’s Law


Welcome back to the Gaming Trend Podcast!  This week we welcome Matt Buckley to the podcast as we cover the latest news, what we’re playing, and the whole horrible ordeal that is Fishgate.  If you pledge not to be a dick about it, you can send us an email at [email protected], or leave a comment below!  Also, send a tweet or nice email to a developer you like, or thank for the a game you enjoyed.  Maybe we can drown out the haters.

[00:00]     What we’re Playing
[14:20]     EA is the number one publisher by sales!
[16:00]     EVE Online’s biggest fight yet
[18:08]     WoW loses more players
[30:12]      Activision buys itself
[35:12]     Xbox One will allow indies to self publish
[44:40]     Fishgate


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  Seriously folks, just be excellent to one another.  

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