Gaming Trend Podcast 04//09//13–Deal with it

xbox-logoThe Gaming Trend Podcast strikes again!  This week Victor, David, and Atlas phone in to cover their thoughts on the games they’ve been playing, EA being nominated for the Golden Poo Awards, and dealin’ with It.  If you’ve got things that need dealing with, you can let us know at [email protected], leaving a comment below, or by adding a review on iTunes!

[00:00]:    What We’re Playing
[21:02]:     Closing of LucasArts
[23:14]:      WarZ woes continue
[25:03]:     Neverwinter Announces open beta
[31:23]:     SimCity DLC is kind of gross
[34:07]:    Roger Ebert Eulogy
[37:45]:     Microsoft Creative Director: “Deal with it.”
[46:20]:     EA–Worst Company or WORSTEST COMPANY?!?


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited, mixed, mastered, chopped by Atlas Burke. Special Guests: Victor Grunn and David Roberts.  Music from Mega Man 2

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