Gaming Trend Podcast 05/07/13–Under the Influence

14032013065006gallente-algos-123This week things loosen up on the Gaming Trend Podcast as Atlas and David crack open their favorite alcoholic beverages and go to town on the week that was in gaming.  Both reminisce about games they loved, both talk about games they’re enjoying lately, and both express abject terror at EA owning the Star Wars licence. If you’ve got a favorite beverage of choice, or want a free code for Dark Vale’s Forge, send an email to [email protected], leave a comment below, or write us a review on iTunes.

[00:00]:     What We’re Playing
[01:55]:      Eve Online; The Wreck of HMD Vengeance.
[05:49]:     Far Cry Blood Dragon; Routine
[13:20]:      Minerva: Best HL2 mod or BESTEST HL2 MOD?!;  The Stanley Parable
[19:38]:     Soul Sacrifice
[27:05]:    Metroid Prime
[34:12]:     The Sims 4
[38:28]:    Eternal Requim Sequel!
[46:25]:    A great disturbance in the Force.


Podcast recorded, edited, and uploaded by Atlas Burke.  Special Guest: David Roberts.  Clips from Star Wars III, The Wizard, and Metal Gear Solid.  Music from Mega Man 2.  




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