Gaming Trend Podcast 04/30/2013–4 is the new 3

135695_294391377336601_368857123_oWell, it’s looking like we’re going to be repeating all the jokes about sequels next year, but that’s just fine with Atlas and Sam–they’ll keep holding down the fort.  This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Sam and Atlas cover a the latest news in gaming before ending on the upcoming announcement of the next XBox.  If you’ve got interest in the nextBox, you can let us know at [email protected], or leave a comment below. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even leave a review on iTunes.

[00:00]:    What We’re Playing
[05:15]:      The Bureau: XCOM Declassified trailer
[07:22]:     Dust 514 launch date announced
[08:46]:     Steam now offers subscriptions
[09:38]:     More layoffs at EA
[14:54]:      Skyrim Legendary edition is probably going to be…wait for it…pretty good.
[17:44]:      Gearbox?!?
[22:32]:      Next Box


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited, produced, and published by Atlas Burke.  Special Guest: Sam Vary.  All music from Mega Man 2.  Incidental audio from DBZ.


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