Gaming Trend Podcast 04/16/13–And the award goes to…

2324845_1_1362053734This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast it’s just two lonely gamers on a lonely gamers trail.  Victor and Atlas get together to discuss the latest games they’ve been in deep with, their love of Dark Souls II, and more bashing on EA and EA’s terrible customer service.  If you’ve got a horror story to tell, let us hear it at [email protected] or leave a comment below

[00:00]:    What We’re Playing
[09:15]:     Obsidian would “love” to make a new Star Wars game
[10:48]:     Adam Orthy gets canned
[13:40]:     Dark Souls II
[16:35]:    Metro Last Light trailer discussion
[18:36]:    Tablet sales up worldwide
[24:18]:    EA wins second Golden Poo


Podcast recorded, hosted, edited and published by Atlas Burke.  Special Guests: Victor Grunn.  All music from Mega Man 2



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