Gaming Trend Podcast 04/02/2013–GEE DEE SEE!!!

gdc_13_logoWelcome back to the Gaming Trend Podcast.  Atlas returns to host the show after spending last week on assignment in San Francisco at the Games Developers Conference.  With him this week are Victor Grunn and podcast first-timer Sean Lama!  Join our intrepid trio as they work their way through what they’ve spend the last two weeks playing, Jeff gets really excited about last week’s announcement of Supergiant’s next game, Victor explains how you can play while you pee, everybody weighs in on Battlefield 4, and we finish it off by grilling Atlas about GDC.  If you like the podcast you can send you comments to [email protected], or simply leave them below.

[00:00]     What we’re playing
[08:13]     Transistor announcement
[10:20]     Assassin’s Creed to be an annual franchise
[14:40]     Square Enix CEO Resigns
[17:03]     Urinal games!
[20:35]     Battlefield 4 reveal
[28:30]     Duck Tales!
[31:56]     Metal Gear Solid V
[31:56]    GDC Q and A


Podcast hosted, recorded, produced, edited and published by Atlas Burke.  Special guests: Victor Grunn and Sean Lama.  Music from Mega Man 2, DuckTales, and Transistor.

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