Gaming Trend Podcast 03/19/2013–We are experiencing technical difficulties

tumblr_m6pmx1EvFu1qav3uso4_1280Join David, Victor, and Atlas as they struggle through a rough recording session. When they could actually get their equipment working they took an hour to talk about SimCity having it’s own technical problems, David calls in to talk up Lego City: Undercover  and Victor and Atlas cover some of the week’s biggest news. If you’ve been having problems of the digital variety, let us know by leaving a comment below, emailing us at [email protected], or heading over to iTunes and write us a review.

[00:00]    Special guest call-in: David Roberts
[11:55]       The SimCity drama continues
[14:16]        EA announces free games for SimCity owners
[16:56]       EA CEO resigns
[20:35]     Saint’s Row IV trailer revealed
[22:32]     PS Vita outsells 3DS in Japan  
[23:53]     Planetside 2 update includes VR training
[30:01]     Battlefield 4 announced
[35:05]    Pirate’s Bay founders lose human rights appeal


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited, and published by Atlas Burke.  Special Guests: David Roberts and Victor Grunn.  Music from Mega Man 2, Metal Gear Solid and Pokemon Red / Blue

P.S. Last week’s podcast was sacrificed in order to move the new podcast release date forward.  If there’s interest, I’ll cut it together and put it out for you guys as bonus.  Let me know in the comments.

Addie grew up near Detroit. After studying Cell Biology at the University of Michigan and spending a year looking into microscopes, Addie decided to volunteer--playing video games. hobbies run from gaming to music (voice, bass, guitar) to rugby. Addie is a strong supporter of indie and low-cost gaming, an area she thinks is underserved by the media.

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