Gaming Trend Podcast 01-31-13: The Wildman himself, Chris Taylor, joins us

a6ffbe2f45b10032f0fe484a5ba2030e_largeThis week the Gaming Trend Podcast has a special guest: Gas Powered Game’s Chris Taylor!  Chris joins Jeff, Victor, and David to talk about the huge Nintendo news this week and the fallout form THQ’s breakup.  Then the gang asks Chris about the recent troubles at GPG, their new action-RPG Wildman.  If you’ve ever played Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation, or Dungeon Siege, you’ll want to be sure to donate to Wildman’s Kickstarter.  Be sure to give it a look, there’s not much time left.

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[00:27]: What We’ve Been Playing
[04:30]:  All the crazy Nintendo News
[08:40]:  THQ is broken up
[15:00]:  The Situation at Gas Powered Games, and the story behind Wildman
[33:36]:  Chris Taylor on game development
[50:09]:  Chris’s take on “In the Name of the King” Movie.


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited, produced byJeff Burke(@jatlasburke).  Special Guests: Victor Grunn(@victorgrunn), David Roberts(@davidrobots), and Chris Taylor.  Music from Mega Man 2. 


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