Gaming Trend Podcast 01-09-13–Goodnight, Sweet Prince

ps2-ripIt’s the Gaming Trend Podcast!  This week Jeff and Victor get together to talk about what they’ve been playing, as well as cover some of the news stories of the past week.  We take a shot at predicting some of the hits of CES, Jeff talks up the new Razer gamepad, and Sony’s anti-disc sharing patent is discussed in excruciating detail, and we take a moment to mourn the death of the venerable Playstation 2.  Jeff and Victor also have a short discussion about a town in Connecticut that has decided to collect and destroy violent video games.  Also: Jeff says “quote-unquote” far too often.  Be sure to give us a line by emailing us at [email protected]!

[00:15]: What We’ve Been Playing-Victor
[01:50]:  What We’ve Been Playing–Jeff
[06:14]:  Consumer Electronics Show
[07:40]:  Jeff wants a Sabertooth
[09:38]Sony hates used games
The PS2 is dead.  Long live the PS2
[19:41]:  Appropriate response to video game violence?


Podcast recorded, hosted, edited, and mixed by Jeff Burke.  Guests: Victor Grunn.  Music taken from Mega Man 2, Bastion, and Zelda: OoT. 


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