Gaming Trend Pocast 01/18/13–‘Mechs With Friends

mwt81The Gaming Trend Podcast returns with more giant robots!  This week Victor and Jeff take a bit of time to discuss the games they’ve been playing and the new Pokemon announcement.  Jeff scored an interview with Chris Cleroux, Game Director at Roadhouse Interactive, and the two of them talk about the BattleTech inspired MechWarrior Tacitcs (and if you’re interested, be sure to head over to their site for more info about the game).  Then Victor and Jeff wrap things up by talking about some of the heavy hitters at CES.  It’s a fast an furious podcast, and if you want to get in touch with us, be sure to send your feedback to [email protected]

[00:00]:  What We’ve Been Playing
[03:44]:  New Pokemon announcement!
[09:39]:  THQ’s continuing woes
[14:09]:  Interview with Chris Cleroux
[43:41]:  CES–Xi3 Piston
[53:12]:  CES–Project Shield
[58:51]:  CES–Razer Edge


Podcast hosted, recorded, edited and produced by Jeff Burke.  Guests: Victor Grunn and Chris Cleroux.  Music from Mega Man 2 and MechWarrior 3.

Gaming Trend contacted Razer in regards to the Edge’s battery life, and Razer responded by reassuring us that the Edge would last “up to 8 hours in tablet use, and 2-4 hours in hardcore PC gaming (about the norm for tablets and gaming laptops, when you think about it).”


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