Vice President of Pornhub weighs in on PS4 support

Pornhub recently announced that the PS4 was the best system to use to watch their adult entertainment site.

This isn’t the first time Pornhub has made bold public claims, though.  In early 2013, the site’s Superbowl ad was rejected by CBS despite it being completely safe for television, and in 2010, they offered a 100,000 dollar contract to Demi Lovato to make her alleged sex tape public.  Gaming Trend had the chance to talk to Corey Price, VP of Marketing for Pornhub, about just how serious Pornhub was about their future on the PS4.


GT: How long have you been playing video games?

–    I got my first game system, a NES, for Christmas in 1986.

GT: What game are you most excited for on PS4?

–    Destiny, from the makers of Halo!

GT: What’s your all time favorite game?

–    Leisure Suit Larry showed me boobs for the first time, and taught me how to successfully pick up babes. Duke Nukem 3D and Grand Theft Auto are also personal favorites, mostly because you can interact with the strippers.

GT: What makes PS4 superior to Xbox One and WiiU for Pornhub?

–    The browsing experience on PS4 is the best so far and handily beats out the WiiU. We like how PS4 can quickly switch between apps, so you can take a break playing a game, switch over to Pornhub, and continue to play with yourself.

GT: Isn’t this a bit of a premature adoption? I mean, the Xbox One hasn’t even penetrated the market yet.

–    We plan on fully supporting the Xbox One as well, so check back with us next week. We’re interested to see which console will show the most Pornhub visitors — Sexbox or Fapstation.

GT: What does Sony think about Pornhub’s big endorsement?

–    We’re still waiting on our fruit basket.

GT: What made you and the folks at Pornhub think to make the move to the living room?

–    Our goal is to make sure Pornhub has the best user experience possible on every platform and screen size, be that computer, console, tablet, phone or TV.

GT: What is Pornhub doing to get a leg up against the competition on the PS4?

–    Pornhub is the number one free adult site on the internet for a reason. We got there by having the largest database of the best videos. To stay on top, we need to make sure that Pornhub is available anywhere, anytime our users feel like tuning in and getting off.

GT: What relationship do you see between the gaming industry and the adult entertainment industry?

–    Whether you’re playing a game or watching Pornhub, it’s all about having fun. Really, the end goal of our two industries is the same, to excite and entertain our users.

GT: Will a trophy pop up after watching a certain amount, or something like that?

–    With Porn, everyone wins, and getting off is the ultimate achievement. But still, that’s a great suggestion – you should work for our development team.

GT: Will there be Pornhub licensed controller protection?

–    Not being protected is usually an advantage that porn has over traditional sex.  But we do recommend that users take the usual precautions to avoid any sticky situations.

GT: How will you integrate the PS4 touchpad or Sixaxis? Is the website navigable with one hand?

–    The new Dualshock controller gives us a lot of possibilities when it comes to enhancing the user experience. Touchpad, vibration, integrated audio – there’s a lot our developers can do here. For now we’ve focused on making the site easy to scroll and navigate with one hand (a must for our users).


Hmm, Leisure Suit Larry can help me pick up babes? Maybe it’s time for me to reboot an old copy and take some notes.

While they do seem to be taking their claim in good humor, Pornhub seems to be seriously going after PS4 support.  Sony has yet to make an official comment about Price’s support for the console, but Price seems sure there’d be quite a few downloads if the Playstation Store ever sees an official app.


(This interview was conducted prior to the release of the Xbox One)

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