We sneak in a chat about Dishonored with Arkane Studios’ Seth Shain

When Bethesda is mentioned, usually Elder Scrolls and Fallout are the titles that come to mind.  Behind the scenes, they have been diligently working on completely new IP called Dishonored.  Dishonored features some of the people behind titles like Deus Ex, Half-Life 2, Ultima 8, System Shock, and Arx Fatalis.  With that kind of pedigree behind them, it’s not surprising that they have crafted a game that allows stealth or action gameplay, depending on your play style.  I was able to talk with Seth Shain, Designer and Associate Producer at Arkane Studios.  It’s a brief look at the though process behind Dishonored as well as some of the supernatural powers you are able to play with throughout the game.

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