Call Of Duty League Stage 1/Week 2/Day 2 takeaways — 2EZ4ABEZY

My apologies for missing the preview for today’s matches, it’s been a crazy weekend. That extends to CDL week 2, and we definitely watched some good games. Sure, most of them went how we expected, but they were all fun, and the last one went down to the wire. Let’s check it out.

London Royal Ravens vs Minnesota Rokkr

  • These are not the Ravens that lost to Seattle 3-0 in the Kickoff Classic. These Ravens are scary. I don’t know what switch they’ve flipped, but their style of gameplay is working perfectly. They play as a unit, attacking and destroying whatever’s in front of them. That break of the hill at P4 on the Berlin Hardpoint? Superb.
  • Zero is certainly making up for how awful he looked at the Kickoff. He’s providing valuable and timely kills in respawns, even if he isn’t going off. You can see his information on the Search and Destroy giving his teammates the advantage in the round, and my word that double snipe was nasty. Or should I say “Nastie”?
  • Gismo is just operating on another level right now. The guy had a 1.30 KD across the maps, and picked up 71% non-traded kills. He’s a big reason this squad has had the resurgence they have this year.
@ROKKRMN vs @royalravens | Major I Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • For how much we thought Minnesota had managed to cross out their Kickoff Classic 0-3 like the Ravens did, they may need to go back to the drawing board. They got whipped on the Berlin Hardpoint, and their best mode, S&D, saw them getting countered every time they tried something. Maybe it’s time to get those strats together Attach.
  • I absolutely love that final Control round from the Rokkr. I don’t get why teams only seem to flood the Command/Radio/Platform side of B. A coordinated effort through Church and sometimes the flank from back tank works really well. I’m sure plenty of it is because of spawns, you want to push the opposing defense further away from the point, but it seems like right side is easier for the defense to counter than the left. It also helps when you have an Attach who is absolutely frying.
  • That was an extremely close final Hardpoint, and even though they didn’t win, at least they weren’t blown out. Rokkr just continually had the Ravens break them or hold every time they got a really good rotation. One point I don’t understand is how Fountain P3 ends up with so few points gathered on it. I know the headys aren’t great on point, grenade spam is sure to happen, and there’s a bunch of entry points. But can’t someone sit on it and get something?

Paris Legion vs Optic Texas

  • It’s not really getting any better for Paris, and it’s probably time to look into upgrading with a few Challengers players. It’s not that they aren’t competent, they’re at least being somewhat competitive, but the ceiling is there. They could very well drop an 0-5 Major 1 stage.
  • I don’t know that there are any positives to take from this match. Optic was struggling closing teams out, and you didn’t even win a map. Not much more to say than that.
@LVLegion vs @OpTicTexas | Major I Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • They’re righting the ship, but we’ve got to take a chill pill given it is Paris. Even New York would beat this squad right now. That being said, you can only play who’s in front of you, and you’ve got to beat the teams you’re supposed to beat. This is a step in the right direction.
  • They won a Search! It wasn’t easy, but they got it done. You do wonder why this team keeps taking so long planting the bomb though. Round 3 should have never been in as much jeopardy as it was, coming down to that Shotzzy vs Temp 1v1.
  • Shotzzy and Illey both went off on the Berlin Hardpoint, with a 41/28 and 35/24 stat line respectively, with the duo sharing a 1.46 KD. Bocage looks nice when they get the chance to slay out like that.

Atlanta Faze vs Boston Breach

  • It may have been a competitive match, but Faze seem like they’re starting to wake up. I mean, they won on Gavutu twice. This is the team we expected at the Kickoff Classic.
  • One of the tiny terrors finally woke up too, with aBeZy frying in the 3-1 win. He was +29 kills on 100/71 with a 1.41 KD. He dominated the Hardpoints, with a 2.18 KD on the 250-102 Gavutu.
  • Being last year’s MVP, one has to wonder when Simp will get himself going. He wasn’t awful, in fact, he made some great plays that probably gave them the Control win, but he’s not a head above everyone else on the map right now like he was last year. I’m sure he’ll figure it out, but his Bocage did not look good, he finished 23/31 and at one point was 8/17.
@AtlantaFaZe vs @Boston Breach | Major I Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 2

  • For Boston, this shows they can hang with the big guys even if they didn’t win. The Berlin S&D was dominant by them, and you could feel the pressure they were putting on Faze in the Gavutu Control and the Bocage Hardpoint. If not for the awful Gavutu Hardpoint we’d be talking a little more about how great they looked.
  • TJHaLy looked great yesterday but was blasted today. He was -22 kills for a .75 KD. Consistent play by him is needed for Boston to win some of these big matches.
  • Big Cap on the other hand is proving why he belongs on this roster. What’s funny about that is how no one knew who the guy was and was questioning why the Breach would grab him. Turns out, he’s pretty darn good, and his 1.07 KD today doesn’t tell the whole story of how his aggressiveness made Faze uncomfortable for the last three maps.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Florida Mutineers

  • What did we just watch? The Thieves were in full control of Bocage, up 5-0 with the series looking like it was over. But then Florida came roaring back with 4 straight rounds, until Owakening’s questionable glide bomb cost the Mutineers the map. Los Angeles are certainly deserved of a top 4-6 spot on the league, but the shakiness of their games makes you wonder sometimes.
  • Still, a win is a win, and you have to work hard for them sometimes. While three Thieves weren’t at their best, Envoy put his mark on the game with 115 kills and a 1.19 KD. His timely flanks put LAT in position to close out the Bocage S&D, even if they should have done it sooner.
  • Kenny has been kind of oddly up and down, so hopefully he’ll find his consistency. The Control definitely didn’t do him any favors, falling to a .67 and -10 kills
@LAThieves vs @MiamiHeretics | Major I Qualifiers Week 2 Highlights | Day 2

  • For Florida, you really blew it on that last map. Los Angeles should have never been up 5-0 on you, but you blew several man advantages and had to claw back. It’s nice to see resiliency, but it’s nicer to have a lead.
  • It’s nearly a meme at this point, but as Skyz goes, so do the Mutineers. The poor guy posted -16 kills for the game, with the Berlin S&D his lone bright spot. Still odd they lost given the rest of the team posted pretty positive results.
  • Vivid is nasty on Bocage. He dropped another 40 bomb, 45/40. Yeah, Envoy beat him by a kill, but Nameless still owes him money.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for our takeaways as the season continues, and we’ll do our best to bring you content here and on our YouTube channel! You can follow the league both live and after hours on the official Call Of Duty League YouTube channel right here. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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