Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Week 2/Day 1 takeaways — Breach rokk the world

It’s been a day of some really competitive Call Of Duty… mostly. We saw two teams that look to be in tournament form being challenged, while another squad one would think should be in the same breath is somewhat hanging on by a thread. I don’t want to reveal too much, so drop down into our takeaways and take a look at what transpired.

London Royal Ravens vs Paris Legion

  • London, like, how? You 3-0 Thieves and then end up in this battle that requires the reverse sweep. You played this one tough but I at least assume here you underestimated your opponent. Yeah, you walked away with the win, but it never should have looked like this.
  • Besides Nastie’s incredible 1v4 round in the Tuscan S&D, that was a blowout. The team you would expect to be the most aggressive matched you, if not overwhelmed you, and that was a surprise we weren’t expecting. The good news, the Bocage S&D looked much better.
  • Even if they aren’t invincible on it, you can see how well Bocage plays to London’s aggressive style. It leaves me wondering, why haven’t we seen them playing this S&D map more often? And why haven’t they been able to make it a great Hardpoint map (0-2)?
@royalravens vs @LVLegion | Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • Someone tell me who spiked Jimbo’s cornflakes with GameFuel? Heck, who spiked this whole team’s choice of breakfast with it? It really sucks to watch this Paris team get reverse swept for the second time in a row, but this was a much more competent performance compared to the Rokkr match.
  • Kudo’s especially to John for upping the intensity. You could see it as they played this one, even if in a loss. His constant multi-kills and awareness is why they went up 2-0, and even with the beatdown on Control he still finished with +12 kills and a 1.18 KD. They’re not a pushover anymore
  • Control was abysmal for Paris, and what’s worse is this was their best map. They were 3-2 on it, and this one was a stomping, 3-0 and it wasn’t ever in doubt. You can’t really point to any player in particular, because they were all pretty bad.

Seattle Surge vs Optic Texas

  • Seattle threw this one. The two Tuscans were too close to call, but Seattle made the stupid decision in the fourth round to chall with seconds left. Those deaths cost them a defense, and that cost them the Control.
  • Mack, Mack, Mack… if he only manages to play incrementally better we might be talking about this one differently. While his other teammates went positive, he had a .79 KD and -21 kills. The worst was his identical statline in the Tuscans, 23/31.
  • Hopefully this is the beginning of Sib getting his mojo back. He was absolutely shredding on Bocage, 47/28 for a 1.68 KD. If he can start to put on the show we saw earlier in the season, Seattle can continue to be competitive.
​@SeattleSurge vs @OpTicTexas | Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • Optic got gifted one, but they also didn’t let the pressure of the Tuscan Hardpoint keep them from the 3-1. We’ve seen Optic blow those moments, and the more they clutch up when they are supposed to, the more this team will grow into championship form.
  • If you think the 3-1 was insane, the fact that Scump and Shotzzy both combined for over 400 engagements is even more so. The fact they still won this in four maps with the SMG duo under the mean at -10 kills combined shows their grit.
  • Scump took over in the Bocage S&D, with a 11/4 score. It got a bit mixy, with going 3-0 up to 3-3 tied, but thanks to some phenomenal play by “The King” they never looked back with 3 straight rounds.

Minnesota Rokkr vs Boston Breach

  • I’m really confused by Priestahh’s downward trend. Maybe it’s just this game, but he’s been struggling since Cold War. His first two rounds in the Bocage S&D left me thinking, “huh?”. He finished this one with -20 kills and a .69 KD. It wasn’t nice.
  • The Control was a truly awful performance from Minnesota. It seemed like they were caught off guard from the start, and if not for Boston running out of time they wouldn’t have won a round. It came down to a couple of kills, but man, shouldn’t have been so close given how bad Boston is at Control.
  • We were certainly hoping to see this team competing for its own Major during this stage, but I’m not sure they will be. The best way to say it, they look stale. I’m curious if they make changes to the roster if they only win one game, although they at least have the Subliners on the docket next week. Maybe they’ll make it two (they play a tough Thieves team Sunday). 
Call of Duty League 2022 Major II Qualifiers Week 2 | Day 1

  • Zinni for the winni. Capsidal is certainly Boston’s most important player, and his 24/16 on the Berlin Hardpoint was exactly what the doctor ordered, but Methodz performance on the map made it a blowout. He went 25/7 and earned two glide bombs, ending the match on a ten spree. That’s the kind of impact you like to see from him.
  • It’s nice to see both Methodz and TJHaLy showing up and taking the pressure off of their rookie counterparts. Not only did Methodz go off, TJ dropped 40/26 on the Control, paving the way for a 3-1 map that brought the 3-0 victory.
  • No stats for it or anything, but I think the team a lot of us thought would show up this year is certainly rounding into a nice form. They have to figure out a good plan of attack on Control, those aren’t going to just be given away, but this team can hang with almost anyone.

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