Games for the Masses–Weekend Deals 10//11//2013

fotodungeonkeepergold1Welcome back to Games for the Masses, where you pay less to play more!  This weekend is going to be a good one, Comrades.  One of your Glorious Leader’s favorite games is on sale over at Good Old Games: Dungeon Keeper!  The graphics are pretty ugly by modern standards, but this witty dungeon-creation sim / RTS remains as enjoyable as when it first launched all the way back in 1997.

The other great deal this weekend is a sale on Capcom games over at Steam.  Currently on sale is the Devil May Cry series–including the latest entry for a mere $13!  You want more?

Those are the biggest deals we could find for the weekend.  Think we missed the biggest score of the week?  Let us know in the comments!  Until next time, game on Comrades!

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