Games for the Masses–Weekend Deals 09//20//2013

space-620x350Welcome back to Games for the Masses, where we help you pay less to play more!  While we at the GtfM Central Politburo wait eagerly for Kickstarter smash Star Citizen, we’ll be getting our fix of glorious space combat action with the venerable Wing Commander series.  This one’s not going to last all weekend, but you can nab the whole series for about $16.  Not good enough for you?  How about free?  If you’re really strapped, GoG is offering point-and-click adventure Flight of the Amazon Queen entirely free of cost!

Other deals this weekend?

  • The Space sims continue in the Humble Weekly Sale, focusing on the X series.  GftM General Secretary has tried this game, and it’s definitely not for the the faint of heart
  • The already great Humble Indie Bundle 9 got even sweeter with the addition of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Limbo, A Virus Named Tom, and Bastion.  Seriously, these games are awesome, and you can get all of them for less than 5 dollars.

Think we missed a sweet deal?  Send us to the gulag by leaving a comment below! Until next week, Game on Comrades!


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