Happy President’s Day, You Beautiful Gamer You

You may not have voted for him, you may not respect him, but you gotta love having President’s Day off from work. Quasi-holidays like PDay are the best because, unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, not everyone has this day off so it’s not as easy to get roped into family trips and visits. Rather, it’s this sort of Bermuda Triangle of free time that can be dedicated utterly to gaming.

I realize not everyone benefits from PDay. Only 4% of the world population are American citizens (and 25% of the world prison population are U.S. citizens, how’s that for a random interesting factoid that has absolutely nothing to do with video games? but then again, if you’re in prison you probably aren’t gaming so perhaps it’s relevant), and I’m not sure how many of that 4% actually have the day off. But let’s say 1/4 of the country does have it off, that’s approximately 1% of the world population that could potentially be playing their PS Vitas or League of Legends.

So, congratulations to all you 1 Percenters! You are on top of the world today! Happy President’s Day, everyone!

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