Gaming Trend presents… The 50 Greatest PC Games of Generation Y

gen_y_04__001094_copy-1We’ve rounded up 50 PC games that I consider to be most influential to me, as well as to members of my generation who grew up with a deep love of such titles. I chose ones that I think stand out, even under strict objective scrutiny, as some of the best titles of the past twenty years. Throughout this time, I formed a personal connection with each game on the list, usually through untold hours of play, and I’ve attempted to explicate the reasons why I’ve included them here. Enjoy.

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Sam is an aspiring novelist who spends his days handling tech support for a Manhattan-based website called streeteasy.com. Despite living in Brooklyn and being a white twenty-something who likes to think he's got some sort of creative talent, he hopes to avoid being pigeon-holed, because we are all beautiful snowflakes. He has come to Gaming Trend with the intent of improving his writing by way of a deep and abiding love for PC gaming, but hopes to let consoles into his life just as soon as his pockets become a bit deeper. He and his wife can often be found wandering around Central Park, where they enjoy making fun of people who resemble their own dogs.
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