February is Full of Love and Lust

February, 2012 is the month of three paramount events that are poised to gain the attention of millions of people across the nation, around the globe, and throughout the universe. The first would be Valentine’s day. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this day is going to have a certain dichotomous effect on the population. Either you’ll revel in the moment with your true love, or you’ll be chastised by your true love for not doing enough, or you’ll sulk bitterly at the unwelcome reminder that you are, in fact, alone in the world.

The second event, concurrent with the big V day, is the release of a new Twisted Metal game, one of my most preciously revered franchises that serves to act as a gushing spring of nostalgic memories from my childhood. I had the opportunity to participate in a community tournament a few weeks ago and was blown away by how much fun I was having. I haven’t had the opportunity to give the singleplayer a spin, but even if it falls short, it’s safe the say multiplayer will save the day.

Last, and most importantly, is the release of Sony’s new portable gaming and media machine, the PlayStation Vita. This baby is a model of engineering wizardry and anyone who finds themselves wishing for a current-gen console experience on the go will not be disappointed. And it’s not just the beautiful games that makes this thing amazing; Ancillary features like the ultra-responsive touchscreen, the app store, and the OS itself make the Vita a worthy contender for your all-in-one media machine.

The holidays are usually when the gaming scene gets the most attention, but I’m willing to bet that many a gamer are going to be thinking back to this February even after the barrage of holiday titles have soaked up the spotlight.

Here’s a video from the PlayStation blog highlighting the Vita’s features:


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