Raptr and Double Fine giving away 300 free copies of Psychonauts and Stacking

Everybody knows Psychonauts as one of those games that didn’t get the attention it deserved when it launched back in 2005—one of those games that everybody should play, but few people actually do. Well, now you’ve got a chance to get yourself a free copy of Tim Schafer’s classic. Or, if you prefer a more modern Double Fine style, score a copy of Stacking.

If by some miracle, you haven’t heard about Psychonauts and Stacking, here’s what Double Fine and Raptr have to say about them:

Psychonauts is Double Fine’s critically acclaimed action platformer based on the exploits of Raz, a young boy gifted with psychic abilities who runs away from the circus to become a “Psychonaut.”   Stacking is Double Fine’s adventure, puzzle game that takes players through a vintage world inhabited by living Russian stacking dolls.

To win a copy of either game, you’ll have to do a bit of work.  The Steam Codes for each game are going to be awarded to Raptr members who rank highly in PC copies of Costume Quest, Iron Brigade, and Limbo.  The offer goes live on Sept. 27, 2012, so if you’re just starting on these games, you’d better get busy!

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