Giveaway: Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Codes [XB1/PS4]

Giveaway: Destiny 2 Early Access Beta Codes [XB1/PS4]

Destiny 2’s beta is IMMINENT! Prepare yourself, soldier. Gaming Trend is giving away a few codes to you, our readers, for early access to the game on either Xbox One and PlayStation 4. (PC is coming in August) Why should you care? Allow me to explain:

  • Destiny 2 – Best FPS of E3 2017 – WINNER
  • Destiny 2 – Best Multiplayer of E3 2017 – WINNER
  • Destiny 2 – Best PC Game of E3 2017 – WINNER
  • Destiny 2 – Best Multiplatform Game of E3 2017 – Nominee
  • Destiny 2 – Best of E3 2017 – Bronze

I guess what I’m saying is…we kinda liked it.

The game’s early access will begin on July 18th on PlayStation 4, and July 19th on Xbox One. Both will run until July 23rd, with the public being admitted on July 21st. Let’s get a code in your hand so you get a headstart!

Entry is incredibly easy — simply follow these easy instructions:

  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2.  Tweet this article, be sure to include the #Destiny2GT tag
  3.  Alternatively, you can just follow and reteweet this tweet, be sure to include the #Destiny2GT tag!

We’ll be handing out the codes on Sunday, July 16th, giving you a few days to pre-load on your favorite platform.

Codes will be distributed via DM, so…if you don’t follow, you don’t win!
One entry per person

What’s in the beta you might ask? Let me tell you!

  • Homecoming: The opening mission and cinematics from Destiny 2’s Campaign.
  • Countdown: Enter the Crucible to battle other Guardians in a brand new mode. Attack or Defend the base on a new map custom-built to support this new game type.
  • Control: The original standard for Crucible combat is back, with some impactful changes. Control the zones on another new map built with this objective in mind.
  • The Inverted Spire: Strike at the heart of a Vex stronghold. Bring two willing allies, or let Matchmaking introduce you to a Fireteam of Guardians.
  • New Subclasses: The new fighting style for each Class will be at the ready. Choose from the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan.
  • The Farm: For one hour, on Sunday, July 23, we’re inviting you to tour the new social space in Destiny 2. Starting at 10AM Pacific, you’re welcome to kick the ball into the net or befriend a chicken. Most vendors and services will be offline. Our goals are to see how many of you it can accommodate at once.

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