Babageek Games at PAX Unplugged–Robit Riddle and the reveal of the Storybook Adventures engine

Babageek is a fresh company with a story-based game which works to guide children through the basics of roleplay. Robit Riddle, featuring the artist behind Mice and Mystics, will feature choose your own adventure stories influenced by skill challenges and cooperative gameplay to engage younger audiences and help cultivate creative roleplay.

The basics are simple, making Robit Riddle approachable for younger audiences. The art is completely appropriate, filling each character with life and warmth while a looming darkness spurs you to action. Each person will choose a mechanical persona to take on throughout the game, with unique skills they can utilize throughout the experience. They will also be outfitted with varying battery power, processing speed, and scanning equipment to tackle challenges.

Those challenges come in the form of three storybooks, which feature branching pathways and multiple endings, encouraging you to replay to explore new decisions (and survive where you may have perished before) slowly uncovering the full truth of the core mysteries afoot. The core mechanic involves not only rolling skill dice to determine success or failure (thus determining which path you take after each encounter) but storytelling to explain how each stat fits into the narrative. Players will work cooperatively to build a story, all while managing the dwindling resources necessary to manipulate events in their favor.

Robit Riddle is intended to be the first of many Storybook adventures, which will expand this system into new genres for fans to experience. Check in on Babageek for more info on this upcoming product.

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