The Guardians of the Galaxy arrive in Marvel Puzzle Quest starting with Star-Lord

In a move that should surprise exactly zero people, The Guardians of the Galaxy are heading to Marvel Puzzle Quest, and that kicks off with Mr. Peter Quill himself…you know, Star-Lord.

Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is coming to theaters next week on May 5 and D3 Go! is celebrating the release in Marvel Puzzle Quest with a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy in-game themed event titled I Have a Plan starting on Sunday, April 30.

New characters are also arriving with the first being a 3-Star (Peter Quill) and 5-Star (Awesome Mix Vol. 2) Star-Lord that are available in the game starting on April 27 in the Come and Get Me Boss Event featuring Thanos. In the month of May, Marvel Puzzle Quest will also be releasing a brand new Rocket & Groot (Awesome Mix Vol. 2) and Gamora (Awesome Mix Vol. 2).

The I Have a Plan event is part of a 3 event release written by Marvel writer, Alex Irvine, with each event starring one of the new Guardians characters.

It’s time to start grinding those daily quests and saving those tokens.  If you want a preview, look no further than right….here:

D3 Go!’s Marvel Puzzle Quest is available on Steam for PC and mobile for Android and iOS.


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