XCOM: Enemy Unknown “War Machines” trailer offers troop augments

xcomIf an alien threat descended upon the Earth with overwhelming technology, what would you do to stop them?   Well, in the case of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you’d kill them, dissect them, interrogate them, and even develop a psychic division to unlock the untapped potential of the human brain.   What if that wasn’t enough?  That’s exactly what this new trailer for the upcoming expansion asks.   “War Machines” puts the decision in your hand – would you take it a step further and use a newly discovered alien substance to augment your soldiers with biological and cybernetic enhancements?  The damage to your troops would be irreversible, but their ability to take the fight to the enemy would be significantly increased.  The decision is yours to make, Commander.

The expansion for XCOM: Enemy Unknown comes to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on the eerie 11-12-13 date.

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