Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues – an incredible 90 day demo you have to see


You might have spotted our time with Richard Garriott and Starr Long at the Rooster Teeth Expo recently (you can see that video below as well), but now we’ve got a new video to share – the 90 days of development demo shown there. The demo shows off early resource stuff, combat, paperdoll items, and FAR more than I would have expected for just three months. The game shows just how dedicated they are to minimal UI (the very subject of our interview above). I dare you to show me any other game that shows this much detail and promise at just a short span of time. Here’s a bit from the Portalarium team:

We hope you are as excited about the game as we are! We have made great progress in our first few months and would love to share it with you! We are currently featuring our 3-month demo gameplay video. We encourage you to set the playback quality to HD, switch to full-screen mode, and enjoy this demonstration of Shroud of the Avatar, narrated by Lord British!

The game is slated for 2014, and as an Ultima Dragon, I cannot wait to sit down and experience it for myself.  Enjoy the video below, with the caveat that “For the sake of brevity in the Demo, travel shortcuts were used to expedite our movement from area to area. Also, combat, lighting and SFX are still in a prototype stage and not fully implemented in this demonstration.”


Richard Gariott and Starr Long RTX interview:

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