Visually, X-Men 3 recalls the arcade action titles which it

Patrick Stewart must be living large these days. After collecting a sizeable paycheck for his 30 second cameo in Oblivion, he also appears as Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men 3. He provides solid support to the team whenever he shows up which is exactly what he does in the films too. Stewart was perfectly cast for the character but it

The controls for the PC are very simple to pick up because the only controller used is the keyboard. Movement is the standard W-A-S-D configuration while all of the attack moves are on the right hand side. The letters J, K, L, and the semi-colon are your standard attack moves and special maneuver, respectively. Consider the J button the quick attack, the K button the medium attack, and the L is the strong attack move. The key controls are also completely customizable in the Options menu.

Different combinations result in different attacks. For example, when players control Wolverine they can hit the J button then hit the L button and he will slash then head butt his opponent. Prompts show up in the beginning stages that let players know which button combinations will result in which move, but the game can still easily devolve into button spamming. It

Ninja Gaiden was known for its ridiculously steep learning curve. The result of that however was a game where the combat would eventually click. Once that happened, players were decapitating rival ninjas with ease and flipping off walls with reckless abandon. There was a method to the madness at work and once players finally clicked with it the fun went through the roof.

If only that were the case with X-Men 3. Unfortunately the only thing going through the roof was my blood pressure. I almost stopped the game during the first act, but I convinced myself that I couldn

Every level has six collectibles to find and when you do manage to pick them all up different items unlock. Should each character complete the game and find every single one on every single mission then that character gets a new costume! Wheee!

To be serious for a moment, the unlockables aren