The holidays have begun.  I know we are only in August, but let me assure you that we

Was ist los?
The game kicks off in 1943, and Hitler As far as gameplay enhancements go this really is a fairly straightforward on the surface, but it doesn

Halt die Klappe!
Another agency that B.J. will align with is the Kreisau Circle.  The Circle will provide safety and shelter for B.J., as well as occasionally go out on missions with him.  It

Zu den waffen!
Raven helmed the single player experience, but the multiplayer portion of the game, just like in the previous game, is being developed by a third party. Endrant Studios has taken the 12-player template from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and ran with it.  The Engineer, Medic, and Soldier class-based combat returns, as does the classic Team Death Match and Objective based modes.  Adding to this is a new Stopwatch mode where one team attacks an objective and the other team defends it, and then the roles are reversed.  After the match plays out, the team with the fastest time wins.  Just like the single player game, it is the addition of the Vale powers that makes all of the difference.  All three classes have access to the Veil, utilizing it in different ways.  The Soldier can throw a grenade of Veil energy that disrupts gravity, the Engineer can use the Veil to increase his run speed, and the Medic is able to use the Veil to heal his nearby allies.  These powers are in addition to the pack drops (satchel charges, ammunition, health) that were present in the previous game.
Taking another page from the single player game, and borrowing one from the Call of Duty franchise, you will be able to persistently unlock new powers, weapon upgrades, and Veil powers.  The hitch is that you can only use one unlock in each category at a time, so you