The original Wipeout was released for the launch of the Sony PlayStation.  It was a game that highlighted the strengths of the new system.  It had 3D graphics, nice looking textures, and dazzling lighting and particle effects.  While it might not look all that great in screenshots these days, Wipeout was a showcase game at launch.

Several iterations of the series have been released since them, but another Sony system launched with a Wipeout game.  The PSP system launched with Wipeout Pure, and it showcased the strengths of the PSP similar to how the original Wipeout did for the PlayStation.  Now a sequel has come to us in the form of Wipeout Pulse.  Does the PSP sequel zoom towards the finish line, or does it go off track?

Wipeout Pulse knows how to give some nice visuals.  Each of the ships has a different look to them.  Some have a streamlined look to them, while others have a square look.  All of them have a futuristic vibe though.  The textures give the ships depth and make it feel like you are racing in a sanctioned racing group, but they don

Since the setting for Pulse is in the future, there is a new-age sci-fi techno beat that drives the music behind the game.  It makes sense because of the futuristic setting.  If you don

Anyone who has spent some time with Wipeout Pure won

Pulse is at its core a racing game.  With the futuristic anti-gravity racers, the races are fast and go by quickly.  There are several different kinds of races though.  There are the typical single races against multiple opponents or against a single opponent.  Tournaments of multiple races where points are given for where you place are available as well.  Time trials are solo races where you race against the clock.  The Speed Lap event is similar to the time trial, but you race to try to get a fast time for a single lap.  In the Zone events you try to steer your ship for as long as you can while the ship accelerates automatically.  Finally there is the Eliminator event where you try to get the most kills.

As you race around the track, there are two icons on the track to take note of.  A giant X gives you some kind of weapon or other useful item.  Racing over giant yellow arrows gives you a sudden burst of speed.  Knowing where these pick-ups are help you complete the race quicker.

The weapons and pick-ups add a unique flavor, and it can make or break a race.  Getting the right weapon at the right time can help you catch up or take the lead, but you also need to get ahead of your competition so that you don

Pulse has sixteen grids with several events in each grid.  Once you complete the events in one grid you