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Third-person action game players should have no problems with the controls.  Left stick moves your character while the right stick changes your aim.  A jumps, B performs an action, X readies and holsters your weapon, and Y crouches and goes prone.  Left Trigger is used to cycle your weapons, while the Right Trigger fires your weapon.  The Left Bumper leans up against the wall and the Right Bumper reloads the weapon.  Night vision and Necrovision are left and right on the D-pad, respectively.

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VR starts out simply enough with you following your team leader to get rid of the Nightwalker threat in a West Coast city.  You follow him around and avoid being caught by any of the nightwalkers.  That

VR takes a long time because the game takes a lot of trial and error.  It takes so much trial and error, it will take you a long time to finish the game.  Instead of being fun, the game ends up being frustrating and not worth your time.

VR includes a multiplayer mode with eight game modes.  They are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death or Nightwalkers, Team Death or Nightwalkers, Destroy, Team Destroy, Capture the Flame, and Team Capture the Flame.  These are all pretty self-explanatory, and even if you don