Back in 2001, PopTop Software put out a great little economic and political management title called Tropico. Tropico was a satirical simulation of operating your own banana republic

Tropico 3 contains three modes of play

When starting a typical scenario you will be given a certain number of pre-built structures and roads, and are then set free to accomplish the scenario

While all this sounds like a great deal to manage, Tropico 3 provides a fairly intuitive interface to keep things straight. You can quickly look at your populace

Speaking of graphics, Tropico 3 raises the bar for graphics in an economic management sim. The game is now fully three-dimensional, allowing you to zoom in on individual citizens or rotate buildings and the map for optimum placement. While the game

As fun as Tropico 3 is, there are some flaws that keep it from becoming a perfect game. FirstĀ  among these is the aforementioned learning curve. I was fortunate to have some previous Tropico experience under my belt, but newcomers may find it difficult to fully understand the underlying concepts of the game until they