Is it Summer already?  Was it 112 degrees on Friday?  Check.  Has my green grass burned to a crispy golden brown?  Check.  Is there a Michael Bay movie rife with explosions, explosions, and more explosions headed to theaters this weekend?  Check.  It must be summer!  That means it

Around the World




Just as in the first game, there is an Autobot and a Decepticon storyline to explore.  The game begins with your selected faction surrounding a large holographic globe.  This globe is where you


I do have to hit Luxoflux for the lack of subtitle options – it

Kill the Witwicky Kid Please




While we do get the fantastic voice work of Cullen and Welker, we get one of the most irritating voice acting inclusions I


AI in Disguise




A quick hit of the start button reveals a large pool of stats.  I kept having this nagging feeling like something was a little