Tony Hawk

Last year

The Tony Hawk series has used licensed music tracks for quite a while.  Every year we get a whole new mix of punk rock, metal, hip-hop, rap, and alternative to listen to while we skate around the virtual city.  Tony Hawk

For those who have played previous Tony Hawk games, the controls will be very similar.  Pressing A allows you to crouch, letting it go releases your ollie.  While in the air, pressing B allows you to perform a grab trick.  Flip tricks are handled with the X button in a similar fashion to the grab tricks.  Grinding is as simple as getting airborne, and then hitting the Y button.  Rocking up and then down on the D-Pad or left analog will allow you to manual, while tapping the right trigger or left trigger upon landing allows you to revert.  The right analog handles the swing and pan of the camera.  When your special meter is full, you can click the left analog to initiate a slow-mo

Every year the Tony Hawk games bring something new to the table.  Tony Hawk

There are 8 multiplayer modes included in the game, and up to 8 players can play together via Xbox Live. (Noticing a theme?)